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Our agile approach

Giving a powerful tool and specific agile methodology directly to business units Directual enables a company to transform its business into digital enterprise in weeks and months rather than many years.

Directual platform

Directual platform is a tool for enterprise sector that dramatically reduces the time-to-market for new digital products thanks to a combination of scalable technologies and visual interfaces for non-developers.

Case studies

Case study

Supply Chain Management

Digital management system for Supply Chain and Supplier Relationships. We have developed the uniform information room, where we could streamline all the procurement, logistics and storing processes. SCM also helps to make data driven management decisions in real time.

Case study

HR automation and optimisation

There are a lot of processes of Human resources, Talent management and Motivation management. We connected several legacy IT-systems and created one-window application for employees and HR-managers. That allows to eliminate time wasting and increase personnel loyalty and satisfaction.

Case study

Bank loyalty programme

Each client of the bank has unique transaction history. That means unique preferences. We’ve created loyalty system, which analyses all the transactions, matches it with merchants’ needs then calculates and processes individual cash-back offers.

Case study

Learning management system

Directual consulting team built a comprehensive Learning Management System, where students could enrol different courses, perform tasks, join and work in groups. And professors could manage the learning process, engage students and provide necessary assistance online.

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